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  • Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:39 PM | Deleted user

    Cost information for the January/February 2012 Pimmit Hills Dispatch:

    Printer/Mailer is Direct Development, Inc.

    The cost of printing the Jan/Feb 2012 Dispatch is $1,026.25 (6-page (8.5x11 folded down to 5.5x8.5), K/K no bleeds on 70# matte text; NCOA/CASS for Standard Rate; Inkjet address on mailing panel; Affix live stamp; tab accordingly; sort, tag, tray, drop at Dulles PO; Qty: 1,642 mailed, 2,000 printed).


    The cost for postage of mailing 1,642 newsletters to Pimmit Hills homes is $389.51. We already paid $435.13 for postage and the offset was used to ship the extra copies of the newsletter to the Dispatch Editor. She will be placing these extra copies at the library and other public places.


    The total cost is around $1,461 minus $720 in advertising from the January/February 2012 issue equals $741 that PHCA has to pay.


    Deadline for the March/April 2012 Pimmit Hills Dispatch is Friday, February 10. This date is firm so we can get the newsletter out before the March 6 PCHA Meeting.

  • Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:08 AM | Deleted user

    PHCA President Matthew Martz attended a Fairfax County meeting on January 11, 2012 concerning the redevelopment of the barn property on Cherri Drive in Pimmit Hills to be a group home run by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board.

    Background Info:

    Here are his notes from the meeting:

    Tonight's meeting was hosted at Lemon Road Elementary by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board a.k.a. CSB, to discuss the proposal to develop Pimmit Barns as a site for a group home. The meeting was attended by six county staff and Supervisor Foust.


    The meeting started off with an introduction of the CSB and its services. Then an overview of CSB's development proposal for the Pimmit Barns site. Then moved onto how CSB group homes operate in the community and how it will affect those living closest to it.


    Lastly, they discussed the opportunities for the community to provide input of the proposal and the time-frame in which the whole project will go through if the proposal is accepted (please note that this is in the beginning stages of a proposal).


    Here is the gist of the two hour long meeting; the Park Authority owns both the Barn and the property on Cherri Drive and they no longer want either, so they have decided to ask the Fairfax County if they wanted it before they opened it up for private auction.


    In response, the CSB wanted to put together a proposal for a six bedroom group home for aging residents who need accessible, universally designed housing. It will be a permant home for people who require daily support and assistance. There will be professional staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Here are some of the questions I asked and the responses I got:


    Will the dynamic of the persons living in the house ever change? Meaning, will there ever be people with substance abuse problems be in the house?


    There will be a very small chance of this ever happening because of the demand on accessibility housing for aging residents. If there was ever going to be a switch the county would let the community know beforehand.


    How often will emergency vehicles be needed at the house?


    There will be very few calls if any to emergency personnel. Once a resident gets to a point where they can no longer live in the house without needing constant medical support, the resident will be move from the location.


    Will the Park Service receive money for giving up the land?


    No, there will be no money given to the Park Service for this land. The Park service will give up the property to Fairfax County. The Park Service does not need to necessarily add park land for this transaction, but they made note that our parks could use some work and that we as a community have been asking for better support from the Park Service for a while now and that they would get on it.


    How large will this house be compared to other houses in Pimmit Hills?


    The property is a little over half an acre in size. The CSB is very careful about building group houses in neighborhoods and will make sure that the house blends in with the neighboring houses. It will be a one-floor house about 4,000 square feet. They also said that they would not change any zoning procedures and would follow the guidelines down to the last inch (being that the county inspects all of the work anyway).


    What is the time-frame for this project?


    We are looking at about two to three years before the house would be built and operational. This is just the pencil and paper stage.


    During the meeting I expressed the need to have a presentation to the Association so that more of our community members to hear the plans, ask questions and allow us time to vote and put together a formal yes or no to Supervisor Foust. If the community says yes, then Supervisor Foust will give the go ahead for the project and if the community has an overwhelming no, then he will shoot down the idea and the Park Service will put the land up for private auction.


    The staff agreed to having another presentation for the community during our March 6th meeting. We have been looking for a meeting that would bring numbers out again; I have a feeling this is that meeting. There will be a lot of questions from our community and the staffers are great at responding to them. I would say that after the meeting not a single person was upset about the proposal and was okay with the idea.


    In all, I feel like there are really no negatives for Pimmit Hills mainly for the fact that if the county does not take ownership of the property and turn it into a group home, the Park Service will put the land up for auction and a private contractor will buy the property and we have a huge chance of getting another McMansion or even two because of how large the property is. This would mean that we would at least have a say no matter what happens on the property if the county owns it.


    What I propose, is to structure our March 6th meeting around the Barns Proposal presentation and allow the staffers from the CSB to come in and talk to the association. Then, either at the end of the meeting we vote on a position of yes or no of the proposal or set up another meeting in April to do the vote. The CSB and Supervisor Foust will move onto the next step of the process once we have as an association taken a stance on it.

  • Wednesday, January 04, 2012 9:53 AM | Deleted user

    Your PHCA Board has been hard at work. Here are the activities that Mark Kinanne, PHCA Treasurer and our Representative to the McLean Citizens Association, has been working on:


    Bridging Redd Rd

    I have been heavily involved in acquiring signatures for a petition in support of a bridge across Redd Rd. I think a bridge would be of benefit to both the PH and Idylwood communities as the de facto crossing point between them is not safe after dark or bad weather. If anybody wishes to sign on they can contact me directly (treasurer [at] pimmithills [dot] org).


    MCA Transportation Board

    I meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with the MCA transportation committee. Each month we have a representative from the HOT lanes project attend the meeting to hear feedback from us and record direct input on suggested alterations or concerns. The representatives have been very responsive to input from our community. In particular often witches hats or dangerous temporary construction routes onto and off-of the beltway have been altered per our requests. If anybody would like me to voice concerns at the meeting on their behalf they can contact me directly.


    MCA Board

    I meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month with the MCA Executive Board. This is the first year in a while that the PHCA has had a voting position on such a prestigious board. Each month we discuss a wide range of topics. Very often a member of the Fairfax Board of Supervisors or a state congressman of senator attends the meeting to hear feedback from us.


    Politicians have been very responsive to input from the MCA community and it is not unusual for them to approach us directly for assistance in decision making and policy direction. The MCA has eight committees (Budget & Taxation, Education & Youth, Environment, Parks & Recreation, Membership, Planning & Zoning, Transportation, Tysons Liaison) which meet independently of the Executive Board once per month.


    Lately Executive Board discussion has primarily centered on three topics:


    1. The course of the Tysons Redevelopment - In particular making sure that the concerns of citizens are held above the desires of developers. The MCA have had great success in shaping the future of Tysons to suit the surrounding communities.


    2. Falls Church Water rates - The board have been negotiating with the city of Falls Church and Fairfax County to make sure that any overcharging of customers by Falls Church does not occur and remedies are put in place in cases of overcharging.


    3. The Tax Revenue of the McLean Community Center - The board have been consulting with the MCC board to make sure that available funds are put to the best use for the McLean community.

    If anybody would like me to raise an issue with the MCA on their behalf they can contact me directly. Citizens can attend MCA Executive Board meetings to observe proceedings with more information available at http://www.mcleancitizens.org/.


    3T Bus Route

    Last year there were discussions by WMATA regarding cessation of the 3T bus route through our neighborhood. Carol Martz gave an excellent presentation to a WMATA meeting convened in early October. All indications are that WMATA backed down from the threat to cut 3T service based on Carol's efforts. I wrote a letter which was forwarded to WMATA and Supervisor Foust's office in support of retaining the 3T bus route.


    Amending the PHCA constitution

    I have written a draft resolution to amend the PHCA constitution to reflect the de jure status of year round membership renewal. We will vote on this at the next meeting after announcing it on the PHCA website and posting the text to the local library.


    Dulles Acces Rd Sound Barriers

    In early December I attended a meeting at Lemon Rd Elementary regarding the proposed replacement/construction of sound barriers along the Dulles Access Road. The meeting was attended by states senators and local politicians. The mood of the crowd was rather hostile toward the speakers. In particular there were concerns with the models/sound data used to plan the barriers. My main concern was that the community were only given two weeks to reply to the presentation of the plan. At this stage the PHCA have not given any feedback on the project. More information on the project can be found at the following address (http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/northernvirginia/dulles_connector_route_267_sound_walls.asp).


    Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program
    I attended a meeting in early Fall to get information regarding the Fairfax County Neighborhood Enhancement Project. If anybody has any ideas or wishes to volunteer to prepare a proposal on our behalf information can be found at the following address.



    Fairfax Bicycle Plan
    I have been liaising with Julie Ide regarding the impact/benefits of the Fairfax County Bicycle Plan on our community. I will be attending a meeting in Mid-February to make a presentation on behalf of our community to the master planners themselves. My presentation will request more access points to and from our community for bicycles and pedestrians, and request upgrades to major crossing points in surrounding our neighborhood to improve safety for pedestrians. Supervisor Foust's office have been of great assistance to us in these efforts. If anybody has any suggestions they can be forwarded directly to the planners. I will announce the meeting date when one is set. More information can be found at the following addresses.



  • Wednesday, January 04, 2012 9:51 AM | Deleted user

    Route 267 Sound Walls Summary (12/20/11)

    By Mark Kinnane, PHCA

    John Muse

    Paul Kohler


    Stated Purpose:
    “The purpose of this project is to construct sound walls as required by the General Assembly's 2010 Budget Amendment. HB 30, line 436 G states, "pursuant to the provisions of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, in conjunction with the construction of rail mass transit in the right of way of the Dulles Access/Toll Road Connector (DATRC), sound walls shall be constructed along residential properties from the beginning of the DATRC to Interstate Route 66 with funding from the Commonwealth Transportation Fund.” - http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/northernvirginia/dulles_connector_route_267_sound_walls.asp

    Meeting Summary:
    A meeting was held at the Lemon Rd Elementary School on December the 14th 2011. Large poster boards were presented which showed satellite images of the area which will be affected by the addition of sound walls to Route 267. The maps also indicated points within the neighborhood at which sound readings were taken during an extensive sound study of the area.

    A question and answer session was held in a town hall style with many residents from both sides of route 267 expressing concern about the environmental impact and the barrier design process. (http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/resources/NorthernVirginia/Location_Map_UPC_98232.PDF)

    Flyers were handed out for residents to give feedback on the currently proposed sound barriers.

    The poster boards indicated that the sound level due to traffic on Route 267 within our neighborhood (primarily Olney Rd) is approximately 55 decibels (+/- 4 decibels). - (http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/resources/NorthernVirginia/dulles_connector_sound_walls/12-14-11_CIM_Conceptual_Plans_Display_Board_2.pdf)

    The main presenter (Paul Kohler) told us:

    - that the sound barriers will have little impact on current noise levels for properties located more than 200 feet from the barriers due to refraction of sound waves around them.

    -the noise values from the sound study which were shown on the large poster boards were projections of sound levels 20 years into future. The projections were undertaken using sound
    models based on current sound readings.

    -the noise values included in the sound study shown on the large poster boards were average sound values not peak sound values.

    -the sound study was undertaken using federal guidelines.

    -within the Pimmit Hills neighborhood the sound barriers will decrease traffic noise from route 267 by between 1 and 5 decibels.


    My main concern was the use of average noise rather than peak noise to determine barrier design. The sound study and modeling was undertaken using federal guidelines. Little can be done regarding the results.

    Darren Ewing of Olney Rd and Jim Phelps of the Noise Coalition are on top of things regarding local concerns and should be our main contact points for residents of Pimmit Hills.

    Due to the 200 foot rule, the vast majority of Pimmit Hills residents will not be significantly affected by the barriers.
    We should remain in the loop regarding development of the barriers.

    The cut off date for feedback was late December 2011. It was too soon for me to provide feedback on behalf of the PHCA. It concerns me that the cutoff date was so soon after the first presentation of the sound study results.


  • Wednesday, January 04, 2012 9:49 AM | Deleted user

    Draft amendment to our membership bylaw:


    The current text of article 1.2 reads:


    "Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee effective from September 1 through August 31 of each year. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year."


    We propose replacing it with:


    "Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee. Application for membership maybe filed on any day of the year. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues. Membership renewal is required one year from the date that membership is granted. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year."


    Suggestions, edits welcome.

  • Wednesday, January 04, 2012 9:45 AM | Deleted user

    Countywide Bicycle Master Plan Summary (12/12/11)

    Created by Mark Kinnane, PHCA

    Charlie Strunk
    Bicycle Program Coordinator
    Fairfax County Department of Transportation


    Stated Goal:
    “Fairfax County is developing a countywide bicycle plan. The plan will determine what steps should be taken to make improvements to the existing transportation system. It will also recommend how bicycle friendly design should be incorporated into future roadway and transit projects, and private developments. The plan creation will be divided into two phases with Phase I focusing on the Tysons Corner area.“ - http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/bike/county_bike_master_plan.htm

    The meeting held on December the 12th 2011 was more of presentation of local area maps rather than a town hall question and answer session. Large displays were presented which show proposed bicycle routes throughout Fairfax County. Representatives were on hand to discuss the routes and the floor was open for suggested changes or additions to currently planned routes.

    Input at the December 12 meeting resulted in the addition of an “Access Improvement” point across Redd Rd. An “Access Improvement” point has also been included for crossing Route 7 near Marshall High School. (http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/bike/tysonsbikeplan/pdf/tysonsphasing1_mapA.pdf)

    According to the district maps Pimmit Hills is contained within the Annandale meeting zone (http://tooledesign.com/fairfax/downloads/Handout.pdf). The meeting on December 12 was for the Great Falls/McLean district. As a result I did not present our letter or petition at this meeting. I plan to present both at the Annandale meeting to be held Mid February 2012 (http://tooledesign.com/fairfax/downloads/Handout.pdf).

    The addition of an improved access point across Redd Rd to the bicycle route plan suggests that a bridge or some other kind of improved crossing will be implemented should the bicycle route plan be approved in mid 2012.

    Attend the Mid-February meeting for the Annandale area and present a letter from the PHCA requesting an improved access point at Redd Rd with input from the local community regarding the nature of the access point. Also present a copy of the petition from approximately 100 residents of Pimmit HIlls requesting an improved access point at Redd Rd.
  • Wednesday, December 07, 2011 11:56 AM | Deleted user
    The meeting was called to order at 7:30 and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Treasurer report
    - Mark Kinnane reported that  53 new members joined since the October meeting.

    Special business
    - Bylaw amendement for Article 1.2 was read. It will be posted on the website for all to review. Suggestions and edits are welcome.
    The current text of article 1.2 reads:
    "Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee effective from September 1 through August 31 of each year. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year."

    We propose replacing it with:
    "Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee. Application for membership maybe filed on any day of the year. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues. Membership renewal is required one year from the date that membership is granted. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year."

    Old business
    - Storm drains were repaired after almost 2 years.

    - PH resident Elaine Mittleman is appealing the closure of the PH post office branch. (It closed November 10, 2011). It would be a great help if residents can file a statement with the Postal Regulatory Committee indicating how you were impacted. Elaine can walk you through the process. Instructions on filing are available on the website www.prc.gov or by contacting the docket section at prc-dockets@prc.gov or via telephone at 202-789-6846. The Docket number for the Pimmit Hills Branch appeal is A2011-90.

    - The Pimmit Hills Resident Survey results were shared.
    Residents felt the biggest challenge facing the neighborhood is Traffic, followed by infrastructure (sidewalks, playgrounds).
    The board will use the survey results to plan meeting topics and events for the rest of their term.
    You can see the full report on the website http://pimmithills.org/phca-news?mode=PostView&bmi=750767

    New business
    - A resident asked about election day bake sales. They were a great membership drive and small fundraiser for the organization. They were discontinued due to polling place regulations regarding how close we could be to the actual polling place. A resident noted that she has seen election day bake sales advertized at the Lewinsville Center which is also a polling place. The board will reach out to the board of elections to determine the rules regarding space and if we can set up a sale table.

    - Vice President Animesh Gupta gave an informative presentation on disaster preparedness.
    Be informed and have a plan; you never know when a disaster may happen.
    www.ready.gov has many tips on being prepared.

    - PH resident Janet Pancca was selected to represent Trader Joe's in the Rose Bowl parade in January. Watch for the TJ's float to see if you can spot her!
  • Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:00 AM | Deleted user
    67 residents and guests were in attendance.

    The meeting was called to order at 7:30 and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    As this is a special meeting of the association the order of business was changed to put the speaker presentation first.

    Treasurer Mark Kinnane introduced the guest speaker, Mark Zetts from the McLean Citizens Association Planning and Zoning Committee.
    Everything Mark Zetts shared is publicly available on the Fairfax County website. There is a special "Transforming Tysons" website at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/tysons/. Details regarding specific developments are at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/tysons/development/. The Commons plan is http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/tysons/development/tysons-zoning-cases/commons.htm

     -Rt. 7 will be expanded to 8 lanes outside the beltway; 6 lanes inside the beltway.
     -Magarity Rd is planned to expand to 4 lanes after 2020, but the intersection of Lisle, Magarity and Rt 7 will have to be reworked first. Magarity Rd is currently considered to be the boarder of Tysons.
     -McLean Commons plan calls for 8 buildings of 2500 units (currently 477 units). Those buildings within 1/4 mile of the metro entrance* (not the station) can be over 20 stories tall. 20% of the Commons will be set aside for "affordable" housing. (Editor note: the income requirements for affordable housing are quite expansive - househould incomes up to $123,240 can qualify for "affordable" housing in Fairfax County.)
     -Direct impacts to Pimmit Hills include traffic, schools and pedestrian access.

    Old business
    - Pimmit Hills Post Office branch closure. PH resident Elaine Mittleman is appealing the planned November 2011 closure. It would be a great help if residents can file a statement with the Postal Regulatory Committee indicating how you were impacted. Elaine can walk you through the process. Instructions on filing are available on the website www.prc.gov or by contacting the docket section at prc-dockets@prc.gov or via telephone at 202-789-6846. The Docket number for the Pimmit Hills Branch appeal is A2011-90.

    - The mailed Dispatch is restarting. (Thanks Cindy!) We need advertisers to help offset the printing and mailing costs. If you would like to advertise or know a local business that would be a good fit, contact Cindy dispatch@pimmithills.org. All the information is regarding prices and sizes is on the website.

    - Resident Survey is still open if you haven't filled one out. It will close at the end of the month.

    - Traffic Calming project is still underway after 2 years. FCDOT changed the process midway through and are now requiring many more things. Carol Martz is the committee lead and she is scheduling a meeting with FCDOT later this month. Contact Carol or the board if you are interested in helping.

    - 3T bus changes. WMATA has proposed eliminating Saturday service on the 3T line. Public hearings are supposed to happen the week of October 10 but they still haven't been posted.
    The board is monitoring and will alert residents when the hearings are scheduled.

    New business
    - A resident noted that stormwater drains overflowed during the September rain storms. The drains at the intersection of Lisle and Gilson were waste deep!
    He has noticed some residents raking leaves off their yard to the curb and into the drains and urged residents to stop this practice since it clogs the drains.

    - A resident noted that the sidewalk on Magarity Rd. is cracked and hard to navigate.

    Announcements & Reminders
    - PHCA will join the Tysons Corner Lions Club to do a tree planting at the Pimmit Hills School on October 30.

  • Wednesday, September 07, 2011 3:45 PM | Deleted user
    The meeting was called to order at 7:30 and began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Dranesville Supervisor John Foust spoke to the residents regarding events and projects that impact Pimmit Hills. Highlights include:
    -The Pimmit Hills National Night Out event in August was the largest one in the Dranesville District.
    -County budget may have some surplus this year. Hoping to give pay raises to county employees who've gone without them for 3 years.
    - Dulles Rail Phase 1 is going exceedingly well but phase 2 costs are higher than expected.
    - Bicycle Access to Metro Silver Line: looking at a sidewalk on 123 from Anderson Rd to Great Falls and a trail through Scotts Run from Magarity to 123.
    - Traffic Calming in Pimmit Hills. His office approved the proposal for 4 stop signs and it now goes to the FC Dept of Transportation for the next round of review and approvals. If approved by FC DOT, then the proposal goes before the Board of Supervisors.
    - Sound Walls were approved for the area along the Dulles Toll Connector Road. A sound study is underway and results should be released this fall.
    - Tysons Pimmit Library was damaged by the earthquake but it is at the top of the list for renovations.
    - Pimmit Barns property on Cherri Drive. The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board wants to use the property as a group home for disabled adults. The Park Authority is seeking to divest the property.

    Q & A:
    1. Question: Tysons East - will there be a pedestrian bridge across 123. Answer: YES.
    2. Comment: Rt 7 Station near Marshalls, there is no way to turn left, you have to go further down Rt 7 and make a legal U turn. It is always backed up.
    3. Question about the purpose of the proposed group home on Cherri Drive. Answer: It would be for disabled citizens.
    4. Question: Storm drains collapsed in February 2010 and still haven't been repaired. What can we do to get them fixed, they are dangerous for the small children and pets in our neighborhood. Answer: contact Julie Ide in my office to find out the status but he believes a contract was awarded in summer 2011 for their repair.
    5. Question: A resident read in the paper that WMAT is considering eliminating the 3T route, does Supervisor Foust know of this plan?  Answer: He is unaware but will follow up to find out. Public transportation is important to this neighborhood and Tysons. There is a public meeting regarding transportation and pedestrian access in Tysons scheduled for October 4 at Freedom Hills Elementary School in Vienna.
    6. Question: With all the redevelopment in Tysons is there a plan for schools? Yes there has been discussion of possibly reopening the Pimmit Hills School but nothing has been decided.
    7. Question: the original Silver Line plans doesn't include parking lots, will that impact us? Answer: Foust has asked that parking lots be secured for the Silver Line to prevent residential parking problems.

    Old Business
    - The issue of a pedestrian bridge across Pimmit Run at Redd Road was discussed.  A motion was made in support of a pedestrian bridge.

    - The Ledo's Pizza Night fundraiser was a great success and raised over $300. A thank you letter was sent. Please remember to support our local businesses.

    New Business & Announcements
    - The right lane of Pimmit Drive now turns left as well. This is dangerous since the signs further back still indicate it goes straight or turns right. PHCA wasn't informed of this change.
    - There is a Household Hazardous Waste disposal event this saturday at the Balls Hill Government Center.

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