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  • Monday, October 01, 2012 12:00 PM | Deleted user
    Resolution re-confirming the validity of the June 2012 PHCA officer election and the validity of the June 5th 2012 election of officers for the 2012-2013 PHCA session

    Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

    Whereas, the PHCA membership conducted the June 5th election in accordance with the bylaws, to the best of their ability and understanding, and independently of the current board

    Whereas, the PHCA members undertook a fair and unbiased voting procedure

    Whereas, no electoral fraud was evident before, during or after the voting process

    Whereas, the currently elected board members have undertaken all procedures since election in good faith to all members of the PHCA, and in accordance with the bylaws of the PHCA and state and federal law, to the best of their ability

    Now, therefore, let it be resolved, the PHCA membership, affirms the validity of the current PHCA board and asserts that vote conducted on the evening of June 5th 2012 was undertaken in a fair manner without any bias or fraud.

    Be it further resolved, the PHCA membership invite those bearing a grievance against the Association or its officers to use the procedures laid out in the PHCA bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order to clearly announce their case before the membership, and consult with the membership by making a motion for removal of a director, if necessary, in accordance with Article IV-5. of the PHCA bylaws:

      "An officer may be removed from office only for cause upon the written complaint of a member or members. Such complaint shall be submitted at a regular membership meeting. A hearing on the charge or charges, before the membership, shall be scheduled for the next regular membership meeting or at a special membership meeting not less than two weeks or more than six weeks after submission of the complaint and only after notice to the membership of said complaint. Disposition of the charge or charges shall be determined by secret, written ballot of three-fourths of the members present and voting."

    Be it further resolved, the PHCA membership call on all those bearing a grievance against the Association or its officers  to utilize the PHCA procedural freedoms and rights, afforded equally to all members, to address their concerns.

    Be it further resolved, the PHCA will endeavor to prepare and present a bylaw amendment at the December 2012 meeting which will address the proper, and correct, procedure in the case of a contested board member election result.

    CC: PHCA Members

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    Attached is a resolution submitted by PHCA members Cindy Kwitchoff and Marie Davis for the October 2, PHCA meeting. Support for the Home for the Elderly Disabled on Cherri Drive (pdf)
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    Proposal for amending the voting criteria for PHCA members and definition of PHCA membership
    Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

    Whereas, the PHCA bylaw Article Article I. Membership. reads:

    Article I. Membership.
    1. Membership shall be open to all residents and non-resident property owners of single family homes within Pimmit Hills. Pimmit Hills is defined as that area within the boundaries of Route 7, Magarity Road, the Dulles Access Road and Pimmit Run. Members shall be eighteen or more years of age.
    2. Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee. Application for membership maybe filed on any day of the year. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues. Membership renewal is required one year from the date that membership is granted. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year.
    3. Voting shall be limited to members. Members shall not have proxy, absentee, or cumulative voting privileges.
    4. The membership shall have the right to elect all officers and directors of the corporation.
    5. The membership shall have the sole right, subject to the requirements of a quorum and majority as hereinafter provided.
    a) To determine the policy of the corporation.
    b) To authorize expenditure of corporate funds except as otherwise provided herein.
    c) To authorize the corporation to enter into any contract, agreement or arrangement of any kind or nature.
    6. Only members shall be eligible to be officers or directors of the corporation.

    Whereas, allowing multiple votes per household skews voting toward the opinions of multi-person dwelling units and;

    Whereas, allowing a single annual membership payment to cover multiple residents of a multi-person dwelling unit is economically disadvantages to single-person dwelling units;

    Now, therefore, be it resolved
    that the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association Board proposes replacing Article 1.3 of the Constitution of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association with:

    Article I. Membership.
    1. Membership shall be open to all residents of Pimmit Hills and owners of property within Pimmit Hills. Pimmit Hills is defined as that area within the boundaries of Route 7, Magarity Road, the Dulles Access Road and Pimmit Run. Members shall be eighteen years of age or older. A single payment of the annual membership fee will convey membership, and all the rights and privileges afforded to members, to one person only. Eligible persons will have the right to hold one membership only at any one time. Membership is not transferable. Within the prior regulations, there will be no limit on the number of members registered to a dwelling unit.
    2. Membership shall be annual and will be granted upon payment of an annual membership fee. Application for membership maybe filed on any day of the year. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues. Membership renewal is required one year from the date that membership is granted. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues. At the annual meeting each year, membership fees will be determined for the next year.
    3. Voting within PHCA organized meetings shall be limited to one vote per paid membership, regardless of the number of residents residing within a single dwelling unit. Members shall not have proxy, absentee, or cumulative voting privileges.
    4. The membership shall have the right to elect all officers and directors of the corporation.
    5. The membership shall have the sole right, subject to the requirements of a quorum and majority as hereinafter provided.
    a) To determine the policy of the corporation.
    b) To authorize expenditure of corporate funds except as otherwise provided herein.
    c) To authorize the corporation to enter into any contract, agreement or arrangement of any kind or nature.
    6. Only members shall be eligible to be officers or directors of the corporation.

    Be it further resolved, that this change will affect new memberships and renewed memberships from this day forth. Currently valid members will be allowed voting rights in accordance with the previous bylaw until expiration of the member’s current paid membership period.

    The amendment shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when accepted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any meeting, according to Article IX, provided the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing, proposed and seconded at a previous regular meeting of the membership, and provided further that a copy of the proposed amendment shall be delivered or published as provided in Article X not less than ten (10) nor more than fifty (5O) days prior to the date of the meeting.

    CC: PHCA members

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    By Mark Kinnane, PHCA President
    Published in the September/October Pimmit Hills Dispatch

    Pimmit Hills Citizens,

    The PHCA Board has been busy over the summer undertaking a range of tasks and efforts to further improve the Pimmit Hills community.

    Our first board meeting, held in July, gave us an opportunity to get to know one another and set out the near future agenda for board and association activities.

    The initial discussion centered around individual thoughts on the PHCA as a whole. Based on the feedback received during this session I think it is important to clarify the nature of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association.

    First of all, it must be made clear that the PHCA is not a government body. The PHCA is an incorporated private non-profit beholden to, and operating under, corporate laws.

    The PHCA is not a public body, such as Fairfax County or other local government, nor is the PHCA a home owners association (HOA). 

    This distinction means that the PHCA itself determines how the PHCA operates, how officers are elected and limits corporation liability.

    The PHCA is an advocacy group responsible for providing communication channels between residents, residents and public authorities, and residents and Pimmit Hills related private groups.

    While the PHCA views itself as an avenue for discourse on infrastructure concerns, the PHCA is not responsible for public infrastructure upkeep.

    For example, in the case of downed wires or damaged paths in the neighborhood, the PHCA is responsible for providing an avenue for information on contacting the correct public channels but the PHCA is not responsible for the repairs themselves.

    Further the PHCA is a member organization run by the members for the members.

    If anyone has a great idea for neighborhood improvement not only should you bring that idea to the Association but you should also consider getting involved in the effort itself. Formation of action committees is undertaken by the PHCA board on the request and justification of members.

    Several ideas were discussed at the July meeting including organization of more activities and events which bring the community together. The previous board did a fantastic job in this area and we hope to continue their efforts.

    One particular idea that caught my attention involved the formation of a contractor recommendation database to recommend service purveyors. Many of us have stories of dealing with good and bad contractors and a web based discussion board for local businesses would certainly assist us all in finding good service.

    The PHCA continues to monitor the county level activity surrounding redevelopment of the Pimmit Barn. The Pimmit Barn Group will be presenting their preservation efforts at the September member meeting and will field questions from the members present.

    The September PHCA meeting highlight will be a presentation by a resident of the neighborhood who has undertaken an effort to create a minimal emission household which reduces adverse environmental effects. The presentation will discuss energy and water saving measures including rain garden installation, county assistance services and home additions.

    On the McLean Citizens Association front, the PHCA recently lost its seat on the MCA Executive Board due miscommunication during the nomination process. Despite this, Lise Visser and I have been keeping tabs on MCA activities. Lise is an active member of the MCA Budget and Taxation.

    The MCA bylaws state that members lose their seat on the MCA executive board after two consecutive unexcused meeting absences, which is a very common occurrence. Lise and I have been vigilantly attending MCA meetings waiting for a member to miss consecutive meetings. When this occurs the PHCA will regain their seat one the executive board and Lise Visser will be PHCA liaison to the MCA.

    The board has also nominated the PHCA for seats on the Fairfax County (VA) Federation. Our population guarantees us two voting spots according the Federation bylaws. The Federation strongly influences local and state level lawmakers to keep the welfare of Fairfax residents at the forefront of political proceedings.

    Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the neighborhood and surrounding areas were all badly affected by the 2012 Derecho. Thankfully there were no deaths or serious injuries in our neighborhood, however many residents suffered property damage from falling trees and debris.

    Many residents were without power for several which only compounded discomfort. I personally heard several stories of neighbors banding together by assisting in cleanup efforts and sharing pools. The more tightly knit our community becomes the better prepared we will be for adverse events.

    It was brought to the Board’s attention that the Pimmit Hills Dispatch is not being delivered to all residents of Pimmit Hills. This newsletter goes out by bulk mail via the US Postal Service. If you hear stories of undelivered Dispatch editions or you do not receive the Dispatch then please let us know. Remember also that you can read all the Dispatch issues on our website, PimmitHills.org.


    Mark Kinnane
    Pimmit Hills Citizens Association

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    PHCA Board Meeting Minutes - July 10, 2012

    Mark Kinnane called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

    1. Introductions
    • Why did you join the PHCA board?
    • Better neighborhood, meet neighbors, and be more involved.
    • Do you see anything lacking in the association? i.e. membership, attendance at events or meetings, participation all around, etc.
      • Membership, community awareness of PHCA, member participation, expectation gap between members and board, conduct at meetings and respect for one another.
    • What community activity is most important to you? Why? Is there an activity that we do not have that you would like to see happen?
      • Togetherness activities
      • “Angie’s List” database to recommend service purveyors, community block party, multicultural PHCA publications/communication channels, better means to get to know neighbors, little league team

    • What is the biggest issue you see facing the association?
      • See second tab above.
    • What is your personal goal for the PHCA? Meaning, as an individual what would you like to see the PHCA as?
      • Cultivate more leaders to further the PHCA goals
      • Mandatory neighborhood (HOA) dues
      • PHCA presence at government level to enable us to establish stop signs, speed bumps, walking paths, etc.
      • Host a bake sale on Election Day in November to raise PHCA awareness near the Senior Center/School.
      • Clearly defined roles for board members.
      • Only members allowed at meetings.
      • Clear definition of “member” in Bylaws.

    2. Old Business – Everyone
    • Liability insurance- Carol contacted an Insurance Broker (Business Benefits Group) Mark and Brad will secure the insurance and report the coverage and cost at the September 4, 2012 meeting. Cost is estimated at $500 per year.
    • Bylaw revisions- Mark spoke with a lawyer (Merritt Green?) who can possible help with legal questions on amending the bylaws. Ideas of what needs to be altered include: the ability to remove a member, the definition of a member, and the ability to vote via a proxy.
      • Sarah will create a Google Doc for all board members to suggest changes to the bylaws by the 15th of July. The document will stay open for editing for 2 weeks. More will be discussed at the next Board Meeting in August.
      • An Administrative Guideline document was suggested to clearly define Board Member roles.

    3. Banking, Finance and Tax-
    • Mark reported that the tax return (990N) for FY11 ending 8/31/11 has yet to be filed to the IRS. Brad and Mark will file the return by 7/15/12.
    • Brad will prepare a FY13 rough draft Budget that will be presented at the August Board Meeting. To date there are no pending grant applications, but there are many opportunities and grants are expected.
    • In summary, the Dispatch is not profitable and the Pimmit Hills Signs need refurbishment or replacement. Grants applications were suggested to pay for these items.

    4. Barn's Group –
    • The group is lead by Lesley Stone and Erika Bowles who will be speaking at the meeting on 9/4/12. The PHCA will act solely as a communication channel and is not to express any opinions as a board.

    5. Dispatch –
    • Cindy- the July/August issue was submitted to the printers and should be in the mail currently.

    6. PH Day -
    • Sarah & Marie- 9/22/12 in Olney Park from 11-3. Sarah suggested a moon bounce. The cost is estimated to be $150 for the rental and a $25 fee to Olney Park. Marie stated that the Lions Club’s insurance will cover the moon bounce and guardians of participating children will also be required to sign a waiver before the child can participate.
    • Volunteers will be requested at the 9/4/12 meeting for the moon bounce (handle waivers & watch kids), membership table, set-up/clean-up

    7. NNO –
    • Carol- 8/7/12 on Hileman Drive from 7-9. Carol will provide squirting frog toys, popsicles, water cups.
      • Volunteers needed to run the cake walk, man the kids table, set-up/clean-up. Volunteers arrive at 6:30.
      • Patrick Lucas is the contact at the McLean Police Department on Balls Hill Rd.
      • Board Members are asked to invite all neighbors allowed via www.whitepages.com/nno by 7/17/12

    8. Clean Up Day # 2 –
    • Elizabeth- April 20, 2013 and October 13, 2012 at 9am in Olney Park. Info for the event must be submitted to Cindy for the Sept/Oct issue of the Dispatch by 8/1/12. Elizabeth will submit a budget, plan for the event, grant possibility proposal, and thank you gift ideas at the August board meeting.

    9. New Business
    • September Meeting – going green speaker & barns group speakers (info must be to Cindy by 8/1/12 for the Sept/Oct Dispatch) Mark (most likely), Brad, and Ashley will not be able to attend the meeting.
    • October Meeting- Commons Redevelopment project- the board will try to get a speaker on the project for this meeting. We will discuss more in the August board meeting. http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/tysons/development/tysons-zoning-cases/commons.htm
    • December Meeting – elected official(s) to speak- Mark will contact and arrange this.
    • March Meeting - (nominations per current bylaws)
    • May Meeting - (elections per current bylaws)
    • June Meeting
    • Easter Egg Hunt- March 30, 2013 – Ashley will be in charge of this event.
    • Yard Sale TBD (May 2013?)- Brad will be in charge of this event. Serious discussions on this event will begin in January 2013.
    • Dumpster Day TBD (May 2013?)- Mark will be in charge of this event. Serious discussions on this event will begin in January 2013.
    • Neighborhood Grant- http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/cex/nepp/
      • There are no limits on this grant. The non-profit submits a budget for a possible grant. 50% of the budget will be awarded as a grant and the other 50% of the budget must be worked in man-hours by the non-profit. The application is due 10/31/12. Mark will include commentary about the grant in his President’s notes in the Sept/Oct issue of the Dispatch (due 8/1/12).
    • A committee was suggested to spearhead a stronger grant effort by the PHCA.

    NOTE #1: The PHCA recently lost its seat on the MCA. The bylaws state that members lose their seat on the MCA after missing two consecutive meetings. Mark and Lise Visser have been vigilantly attending MCA meetings waiting for a member to miss 2 meetings and lose their seat on the MCA. When this vacancy occurs PHCA will regain their seat in the MCA and Lise Visser will be PHCA liaison to the MCA.

    NOTE #2: It was brought to the Board’s attention that the Dispatch is not being delivered to all residents of Pimmit Hills. Cindy indicated that she would contact the printers and try to resolve this issue.

    NOTE #3: The next Board Meeting will be 8/14/12 at 7:30 at Mark’s house.

    The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.
  • Tuesday, July 17, 2012 12:20 PM | Deleted user

    By Mark Kinnane, PHCA President
    Published in the July/August Pimmit Hills Dispatch

    On behalf of the incoming board, the members of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association (PHCA) and the residents of Pimmit Hills, I would like to thank the outgoing board members for their contributions and efforts supporting our neighborhood.

    Matthew Martz, Animesh Gupta, Elizabeth Hall and Sarah Rock, with the assistance of Cindy Kwitchoff, Carol Martz and Marie Davis, made great strides in increasing community involvement in PHCA, and improving interactions between PHCA, the county and neighboring communities.

    Many of the successes and achievements over the last year were not as visible to our member as the many challenges they faced.

    At the beginning of 2011, PHCA was on deaths door. Membership levels were low, community involvement was severely lacking and finances were on the wane.

    The situation was exacerbated by the rapid transition of the neighborhood demographic from long term residents to young professionals and families. The demographic transition placed severe pressure on PHCA as many devoted and active members left the area.

    Through the efforts of the outgoing board, membership in the PHCA has increased from less than 100 households to over 230 households and rising.

    These efforts included resurrecting quarterly newsletters, increasing the number of community based events, organizing regular guest speakers to name a few.

    On the advocacy front the addition of traffic calming measures throughout the neighborhood was the successful culmination of many years of effort by board members on behalf of concerned residents throughout the community.

    PHCA gained a seat on the McLean Citizens Association (MCA) executive board for the first time in a number of years. This gave the PHCA a voting position on the MCA and a say in the county level decisions.

    The PHCA advocated on behalf of our members for increases in bicycle and foot access to the neighborhood and surrounding communities.

    The Environment and Parks Committee was created and obtained funding from Express Lane Grants to organize neighborhood cleanup activities which have resulted in cleaner parks and waterways in the neighborhood.

    As a result of these efforts, and many others not mentioned, PHCA and the neighborhood are in a far better position to deal with county level issues affecting our neighborhood, such as the Tysons Development, the Silver Line addition and the rapid expansion of neighboring communities.

    On a personal note I would like to thank the PHCA membership for giving me the opportunity to serve as PHCA president.

    For the last year I served as the PHCA representative to the McLean Citizens Association (MCA) Executive Board, through which I gathered a deep understanding of the issues affecting our neighborhood. I also served as the PHCA treasurer for part of the year. I hope I can continue the fantastic work of our previous president, Matthew  Martz, in growing community involvement in the association.

    PHCA will remain involved in MCA activities. The MCA is a volunteer organization covering of over thirty McLean district neighborhoods, including Pimmit Hills, which represents around thirty thousand Fairfax residents.

    The MCA has a significant voice in the direction of county legislation, regularly lobbying local representatives, and serving as an advocate for the McLean district.

    The PHCA representative to the MCA this year will be Lise Visser. Lise has already been involved with the Taxation and Budget Committee of the MCA. Lise has served on school boards in the past and brings a strong community spirit to the PHCA and the MCA.

    This year we have two new board members joining us. Brad Sanders, will serve as the treasurer, and Ashley Reynolds, will serve as the secretary. Brad and Ashley are both relatively new to the area and will be fantastic additions to the board.

    Our previous president, Carol Martz, has returned as the Vice President. Carol’s efforts on the board in past incarnations will serve to bring a wealth of experience to incoming board activities.

    Sarah Ivey Rock is entering her second year as the three year director and her enthusiasm for community activities will continue to expand community involvement with the PHCA.

    Serving as a board member is often a thankless job and it is great to see people sacrificing their time voluntarily in the interest of the PHCA members.

    Without volunteers standing up and taking leadership roles there would be no PHCA at all, and without an association the community would have no unified voice to express concerns to our government representatives, no ear to listen for community wide concerns and no common vision for improving neighborhood quality of life.

    In the next year there will be a variety of issues facing the Pimmit Hills community. Ensuring the neighborhood has access to new nearby infrastructure like the Silver Line, the addition of sound barriers along the Dulles access road, the addition of bicycle lanes through the neighborhood and neighborhood development, to name a few, will require community involvement and input. 

    The PHCA board will do our utmost to keep members aware of county level and neighborhood issues. The PHCA will continue with our guest speaker agenda, increase the number of member events such as cleanup days, DIY gardening events and other environmental activities.

    I look forward to serving as the PHCA President, continuing to advocate for our members at the county level and improving the Pimmit Hills environment.

  • Friday, June 15, 2012 1:16 PM | Deleted user

    PHCA Meeting Minutes

    June 5, 2012


    The meeting began shortly after 7:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance.


    Treasurer’s Report:

    Cindy Kwitchoff, interim Treasurer, reported that the checking account balance is $4,895.76 and the CD balance is $5,405.63. Funds held by the PHCA total $10,301.39.


    Secretary’s Report:

    Sarah Rock gave a brief recap of the May 2012 meeting for Elizabeth Hall who was absent.


    Director’s Report:

    Sarah Rock announced that t-shirts are still for sale and that the price has increased so that the PHCA can earn some revenue for the continued sales efforts as the shirts were previously being sold at cost. The new prices will be $6 for a child shirt, $8 for an adult shirt, and $10 for an XXL shirt. So far, $327 of the $714 spent on the shirts has been recouped.


    The Pimmit Hills Community Yard Sale was May 5, 2012 at the PHCA “Little House” and raised $47.50 for the PHCA mainly due to the generous donation of sunglasses by Roy and Marie Davis.  11 t-shirts were sold at the event to total $66.


    The PHCA was notified by the Fairfax County Government Center that the plans for the West Gate Elementary renovations were submitted on May 9, 2012. Any questions of comments can be submitted to the Fairfax County’s website, www.fairfaxcounty.gov.


    Vice President’s Report:

    Animesh Gupta noted that many residents were concerned about the yellow line on Pimmit Drive wondering if a gas line will be put there. Matt Martz responded, indicating that there will be some sort of work there but that there is no definite plan to date. Animesh stated that he could be contacted in the future for further information.


    President’s Report:

    Matt Martz reported that Dumpster Day was a great success. 41 houses were served, 17 memberships were paid, 1 membership was renewed, and 1 member was invoiced. The PHCA had $122 in t-shirt sales. Matt suggested that a second Dumpster Day be established each year so that there can be one in the fall as well as the spring. Overall, Matt applauded the surge of participation and membership this year.


    Environment Committee Report:

    Sarah Rock reported for Elizabeth Hall who was absent. She stated that the PHCA has received a $1,000 grant from the HOT Lanes grant program. More information can be found at http://www.495expresslanes.com/grant-program The use of funds has yet to be determined. Due to the great success of the Earth Day Clean-up, she suggested a second Clean-up Day in October.


    Old Business:

    PH residents, Lesley Stone and Erika Bowles, distributed a petition for the preservation of the Pimmit Hills Dairy Barn. More information can be found at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savepimmitbarn/


    New Business:

    National Night out is August 7th and will be held either on Hileman Road or at the Senior Center.

    Pimmit Hills Day is September 22nd and the PHCA needs volunteers to bake cakes/cookies and run the event. Please contact Sarah Rock if interested.

    Multiple transportation issues were questioned and are summarized as follows:

    • Walking paths to the West Falls Church will not be established due to the County’s budget.
    • Walking paths from Pimmit Hills to the Tysons Corner area are in development and Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust’s office can be contacted for more information at 703-356-0551.
    • Residents applauded the stop signs on Lisle and Griffith and the PHCA was thanked for their work on the effort to have them implemented.
    • A “Dead End” sign was suggested on Storm Drive and concerns of tall grass in Pimmit View Park were discussed. Residents are urged to submit a formal complaint the form for which can be found at http://fido.fairfaxcounty.gov/DP1/Metroplex/FairfaxCounty/customerservice/WIZ_CSR.asp


    Tom Garofalo spoke representing Congressman Jim Moran’s Capitol Hill Office in Washington DC. Mr. Garofalo’s office covers legislative issues and he specifically works with foreign affairs and labor issues. He noted many upcoming Constituent Services Events including: Job Hunter’s Boot Camp on June 26, 2012, Nonprofit Grants Workshop on July 9, 2012, and an upcoming Women Issues Conference.

    • Residents questioned what labor issues affected the area. Mr. Garofalo noted the Project Labor Agreement dealing with the Silver Line Metro and the Supermarket issues
    • Residents questioned the closing of the Pimmit Hills Post Office noting that the other post offices are heavily congested with traffic, have poor parking, and are hard to find.
    • Mr. Garofalo also responded to how questions are handled at the 333 N. Fairfax St. Suite 201 Alexandria, Va 22314 office, which handles Constituent Services. He said that 4 employees run the office and handle letters and emails in order of arrival with emphasis placed on issues with the largest amount of correspondence. He noted that Zach Cafritz could be contacted for many of the issues concerning Pimmit Hills at zach.cafritz@mail.house.gov.

    PHCA Board Elections:

    Matt Martz went over the election process per the PHCA bylaws. Ballots were explained and distributed. It was noted that Sarah Rock holds the 3-year director position and that she has 2 years left in her term. Nominations were as follows:


    President- Mark Kinnane

    Vice President- Animesh Gupta and Carol Martz

    Treasurer- Brad Sanders

    Secretary- Ashley Reynolds


    As ballots were collected and tallied, Matt noted that the PHCA is looking forward and planning to research insurance and amendments to the PHCA bylaws to ensure that PHCA is legally protected and current on all issues.


    For the contested Vice President position:

    2 - votes for both vp candidates and were therefore invalid ballots
    13 - votes for vp candidate Animesh Gupta
    29 - votes for vp candidate Carol Martz
    total votes cast = 44


    Election results were announced:


    President- Mark Kinnane

    Vice President- Carol Martz

    Treasurer- Brad Sanders

    Secretary- Ashley Reynolds


    The meeting adjourned around 8:30.

  • Wednesday, May 09, 2012 4:44 PM | Deleted user
    PHCA Meeting Minutes
    May 1, 2012

    The meeting began shortly after 7:30 with the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Treasurer's Report:
    - was given by Cindy Kwitchoff, interim Treasurer.

    Secretary's Report:
    - Elizabeth Hall gave a brief recap of the March 2012 meeting.

    Director's Report:
    - Sarah Rock reminded attendees to enter the door prize giveaway.

    VP's Report:
    - Animesh Gupta had nothing to report.

    President's Report:
    - Matt Martz spoke with Supervisor Foust regarding the Cherri Drive Barns property today. They have been investigating measures to add legally binding riders or other form of agreement that the property would always be used as a home for disabled persons.

    - PH resident Lesley Stone has been working with an organization 'National Barn Alliance' to see if the barn can be preserved. She has a petition online at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savepimmitbarn/

    Environment Committee Report:
    - Elizabeth Hall reported that the Earth Day Clean-up was a great success. Over 55 residents helped remove over 1000 lbs of trash from all 7 Pimmit Hills parks. Contact her to help with future events.

    Old Business:
    - Bylaws amendment for Article 1.2 to allow for rolling membership year was read, discussed and a vote was taken. The amendment was approved.

    New Business:
    - Marshall High School has requested our support for their Graduation Night. The issue was discussed and a motion was made to provide a donation of $50. The motion was approved.

    - Board Nominations were announced. Written position descriptions were available.
      - Secretary: none
      - Treasurer: Mark Kinnane and Brad Sanders nominated themselves
      - VP: Animesh Gupta nominated himself
      - President: none
    Nominations will remain open until 1 week before the June 5 meeting. Nominations may be submitted via the website.

    Phil Goetkin of Wolf Trap spoke about landscaping and native plants.

    - Community Yard Sale: May 5
    - Community Dumpster Day: May 12
    - Meeting & Board Elections: June 5

    Door Prizes:
    Ann Jones, Ted Hochstadt, Amanda Reynolds, Ellen Witherow, Gretchen Jacobs and Andres Carvallo all won door prizes.

    The meeting adjourned by 9:00 PM.

  • Wednesday, February 29, 2012 7:30 PM | Deleted user
    PHCA Board Meeting Agenda
    2/28/12 7:30 P.M.

    In person: Matt Martz, Mark Kinnane, Elizabeth Hall, Cindy Kwitchoff, Sarah Rock
    On phone: Animesh Gupta

    1. Debrief of volunteer meeting – Sarah

    2. MCA update – Mark

    3. Membership drive – Sarah

    4. Pimmit Yard Sale/Pimmit Hills Cleanup/Dumpster –Matt
    Dumpster is scheduled for May 12. Yard sale will be the week before.

    5. Speaker for May meeting – Sarah
    -Ideas: master gardener, county leaders?

    6. Earth Day update – Elizabeth

    7. PHCA Finances – Elizabeth/Mark

    8. Dispatch update – Cindy
    -Dispatch schedule
    -Emailing of final copy before sending out to printers
    -Advertising update

    9. March 6th meeting – Matt
    -Agenda for the meeting

    10. Website/discussion board restrictions

    11. Re-organize for next year
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    The Community Issue of the Proposed Redevelopment of the PH Barn Property on Cherri Drive

    In this post is all the information, pros and cons, concerning the proposed redevelopment of the old barn on Cherri Drive in Pimmit Hills. The Fairfax County Park Authority wants to give the property, for free, to another County organization, the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB). CSB wants to build a group home on the property that would house six elderly disabled people.

    The Pimmit Hills Citizens Association (PHCA) President Matthew Martz announced via the PH email list that Fairfax County was holding an open meeting for residents at Lemon Road Elementary School on January 11, 2012 concerning this redevelopment. He, along with other PH residents attended to hear from the Community Services Board discuss their plans. Supervisor John Foust was in attendance and he said it was up to the Pimmit Hills community whether a group home would be built on the property or not and he will back the majority decision. PHCA President Martz said the community would need to have an official vote on the issue and invited the CSB to speak at the next PHCA Community Meeting on Tuesday, March 6, 2011 at 7:30 pm at the Pimmit Hills Center on Lisle Avenue.

    At this PHCA meeting, numerous CSB representatives will explain their plans and answer questions from Pimmit Hills citizens. Supervisor John Foust will also be there. A vote will be taken at the meeting of PHCA members on whether or not to support this group home proposal.

    IMPORTANT: According to the PHCA Bylaws, you must be a current, paid member of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association in order to vote. We will use the membership list on our membership website to verify who is an official member. If you want to vote on this issue but are not a current, paid member, join now securely and quickly online. Membership dues are only $20/year.

    The place to discuss the pros and cons of this issue is at the March 6 PHCA Meeting. While the issue has become controversial, we expect that citizens treat one another with respect and courtesy and listen to all sides of the issue. The PHCA Board is taking no sides and is there to facilitate the meeting of PHCA members and will support what the PHCA members decide.

    Summary of the March 6 PHCA Meeting

    Background Info:

    Here are PHCA President Matthew Martz's notes he took from the January 11, 2012 County meeting for Pimmit Hills residents:

    Tonight's meeting was hosted at Lemon Road Elementary by the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board a.k.a. CSB, to discuss the proposal to develop Pimmit Barns as a site for a group home. The meeting was attended by six county staff and Supervisor Foust.


    The meeting started off with an introduction of the CSB and its services. Then an overview of CSB's development proposal for the Pimmit Barns site. Then moved onto how CSB group homes operate in the community and how it will affect those living closest to it.


    Lastly, they discussed the opportunities for the community to provide input of the proposal and the time-frame in which the whole project will go through if the proposal is accepted (please note that this is in the beginning stages of a proposal).


    Here is the gist of the two hour long meeting; the Park Authority owns both the Barn and the property on Cherri Drive and they no longer want either, so they have decided to ask the Fairfax County if they wanted it before they opened it up for private auction.


    In response, the CSB wanted to put together a proposal for a six bedroom group home for aging residents who need accessible, universally designed housing. It will be a permant home for people who require daily support and assistance. There will be professional staff on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Here are some of the questions I asked and the responses I got:


    Will the dynamic of the persons living in the house ever change? Meaning, will there ever be people with substance abuse problems be in the house?

    There will be a very small chance of this ever happening because of the demand on accessibility housing for aging residents. If there was ever going to be a switch the county would let the community know beforehand.


    How often will emergency vehicles be needed at the house?

    There will be very few calls if any to emergency personnel. Once a resident gets to a point where they can no longer live in the house without needing constant medical support, the resident will be move from the location.


    Will the Park Service receive money for giving up the land?

    No, there will be no money given to the Park Service for this land. The Park service will give up the property to Fairfax County. The Park Service does not need to necessarily add park land for this transaction, but they made note that our parks could use some work and that we as a community have been asking for better support from the Park Service for a while now and that they would get on it.


    How large will this house be compared to other houses in Pimmit Hills?

    The property is a little over half an acre in size. The CSB is very careful about building group houses in neighborhoods and will make sure that the house blends in with the neighboring houses. It will be a one-floor house about 4,000 square feet. They also said that they would not change any zoning procedures and would follow the guidelines down to the last inch (being that the county inspects all of the work anyway).


    What is the time-frame for this project?

    We are looking at about two to three years before the house would be built and operational. This is just the pencil and paper stage.


    During the meeting I expressed the need to have a presentation to the Association so that more of our community members to hear the plans, ask questions and allow us time to vote and put together a formal yes or no to Supervisor Foust.


    If the community says yes, then Supervisor Foust will give the go ahead for the project and if the community has an overwhelming no, then he will shoot down the idea and the Park Service will put the land up for private auction.


    The staff agreed to having another presentation for the community during our March 6th meeting. There will be a lot of questions from our community and the staffers are great at responding to them. I would say that after the meeting not a single person was upset about the proposal and was okay with the idea.


    In all, I feel like there are really no negatives for Pimmit Hills mainly for the fact that if the county does not take ownership of the property and turn it into a group home, the Park Service will put the land up for auction and a private contractor will buy the property and we have a huge chance of getting another McMansion or even two because of how large the property is. This would mean that we would at least have a say no matter what happens on the property if the county owns it.


    What I propose, is to structure our March 6th meeting around the Barns Proposal presentation and allow the staffers from the CSB to come in and talk to the association. Then, either at the end of the meeting we vote on a position of yes or no of the proposal or set up another meeting in April to do the vote. The CSB and Supervisor Foust will move onto the next step of the process once we have as an association taken a stance on it.


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