Minutes for PHCA Board Meeting, September 30, 2013

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Minutes for Meeting on September 30, 2013

Meeting opened at 7:32: pm. Present were Jeremy Sewall, Vijay Sharma, Shashi Patel

and Connie Cordovilla

The first item on the agenda was a debrief on Pimmit Hills Day on September 14.

Participation was good, one of the highest it had been. Still, communication needs to

be improved to bring more folks out- maybe get the signs out sooner, some kind of

neighbor to neighbor alert system.

Vijay suggested that we consider adding the PHCA web address to the signs erected at

the entrances to Pimmit Hills so folks can contact us. Jeremy agreed to look into ways

to do that.

Issues surrounding the board adoption of a bylaw change limiting voting to one per

household have arisen, including the claim that improper notice was given regarding the

vote. Jeremy is going to speak with the person protesting it and see what remedy they

would like, even up to a revote on the issue.

To fill the unexpired term of the Three Year Director, vacated by the resignation of

Sarah Rock, Jeremy said he had been in contact with Bob Heilen. He is meeting with

him on Thursday morning, October 3. A motion was made, seconded and passed

unanimously to ask Mr. Heilen to assume that seat.

The budget was discussed at length. Of the 1600 households in Pimmit hills about 400

belong to the association so there is room to generate income from membership growth.

It was noted that the website fees had been considerably reduced (from $2500 to


The publication of the Pimmit Hills Dispatch is a main source of expenditure. If each

issue costs $1500 to do, and we want to print four issues per year, we have to have

a substantial increase of membership and also work on applying for grants. Jeremy

is looking into grant sources but we are not prepared to submit any right away.

Discussion focused on doing only an email version of the Dispatch. The drawback is

that it will only reach those for whom we have an email address. The benefit is that it

would be significantly cheaper to produce and alleviate a major strain on the budget.

Vijay suggested that we send a 4 by 6 postcard to every address and ask folks for the

email for that household by having them register it on our website. We could print a

few hundred copies and stock the library if they are willing to have them for those who

cannot or will not utilize the webpages, mentioning that on the post card. He suggested

we might launch a door to door sign up campaign for email as well. Connie agreed to

contact the library and find out about posting copies there.

Jeremy and Vijay talked about web advertising on our site and the revenue stream it

might generate vs. the paid advertisements in print issues of the Dispatch. They need

to look at the pricing structure of the on-line vs. the printed ads.

WE could cut down the amount printed and the number of hard copy issues we do. We

might use cheaper paper.

Jeremy would like to do one more issue in print this year to come out before Christmas.

We all have to line up articles for it.

We reviewed expenditures made so far this fiscal year (May 2013 through April 2014).

PH Day - $ 325

Dispatch $1500

Website $1080

Memberships $ 50

Deposits this year: $1385

Jeremy has a number of memberships to enter and checks need to be deposited.

Our next full board meeting is November 11. We will present the budget, discuss the

question of the bylaws revision, hear a report from the Senior Exchange that Helene

Vollmer is attending and other items.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm


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