PHCA Meeting Minutes for February 5, 2013

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PHCA Citizens Association
February 5, 2013 Meeting Minutes-revised

Meeting opened at 7:32 pm.   A motion was made to prohibit recording meeting by electronic audiovisual means by Connie Cordovilla. It was seconded by Sarah Rock. It was passed unanimously by the body present.

Minutes from the December 4, 2012 were silently read and passed with no corrections.

Vice President Carol Martz announced that Connie Cordovilla had accepted an appointment to be PHCA Secretary. The past Secretary resigned because she moved out of the area.

Sarah Rock offered a Board Director Report. She noted that Congressman Jim Moran is offering help and resources for college bound students on his webpage.  He is hosting a series of neighborhood discussions at various high schools in his district. You can access the information at http://moran.house.gov/event/making-college-affordable-financing-your-education#overlay-context=user. She also reported that number of program will be available at the Tysons Pimmit Regional Library in February. The annual Pimmit Hills Day is scheduled for September 14th . The Easter egg hunt will be held on March 30th for children under 12 years of age at Olney park.

Treasurer Brad Sanders reported that PHCA has $5414.45 in its checking account and $6059.32 in its CD. It has been decided that given the very low rate of return on the CD, he intends to roll it over into the checking account. He made a motion, seconded by Sarah Rock that the PHCA pay for the past years of website registration and hosting to the former web master, Cindy Kwitchoff.  It was passed unanimously. This means that PHCA will now have sole control of its website.

Elizabeth Hill of the Environment Committee reported that Earth Day clean up is scheduled on April 20th at Olney Park- details will be put on the website.

The Nominations committee, comprised of Sarah Rock, Leslie Stone and Lisa Gibbs reported that they had set up an email address to nominate people for the board- PHCA.Nominations@gmail.com. The deadline for nominations for officers and Directors is declared in the bylaws.

Changes for the Bylaws regarding the definition of voting members, which were read at the October meeting, seek to clarify exactly who are members of the PHCA and are able to vote. This bylaw amendment was moved by Connie Cordovilla and seconded by Lisa Gibbs to put the matter before the body for a vote. It was passed unanimously.

The changes for the bylaws regarding amending officer elections, which were proposed verbally at the October 2012 meeting and in writing at the December 2012 meeting, seek to clarify the nomination of and elections of officers and directors. This bylaw amendment was discussed. It was raised that perhaps a nominations committee was not really necessary because it places a burden on the board and officers. In fact it was pointed out that such a committee, because it is not typically run by current officers, is really designed to take the burden off the board and officers and it also brings a transparency to the process which dispels calls of misconduct.  The process for selecting the Nominations committee is found in Article 3, Item 7 of the bylaws of PHCA. This bylaw amendment for nominations of and elections of officers and directors was moved and seconded. It was passed as written.

The website is currently under construction and will open to the public soon. The question of liability of the PHCA was raised. The Association and volunteers are covered by Officers and Directors insurance purchased at the end of 2012.

The next meeting will be March 5, 2013 and the guest speaker will be building administrator for Pimmit Hills Center. Elections will be held at the May 7th meeting.  The meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.


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