PHCA Meeting Minutes - October 2, 2012

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Pimmit Hills Citizens Association Meeting
Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 7:30pm

The President called the meeting to order at 7:30.

Pledge of Allegiance

Guest Speakers - A presentation about the development of the Commons of McLean was led by Bill Hard of LCOR.

Adoption of Agenda
  • The President moved that the agenda be adopted, the motion was seconded, and all were in favor.

Acceptance of September 4, 2012 minutes
  • The Secretary moved that the minutes be adopted, the motion was seconded, and all were in favor.

Officer’s reports
  • Treasurer’s report: CD account $5,414.41, operating account-$6,316.90, to total $11,731.31. The Treasurer moved that the board be allowed to spend $120 to buy the domain name so that the PHCA may have exclusive access to it, the motion was seconded and all were in favor.
  • Secretary’s report: no report
  • Three-year director’s report: Recap of Pimmit Hills Day.
  • Vice President’s  Report: no report
  • President’s report: Mark applied for a $3,000 grant to publish and distribute the Dispatch.

Environmental Committee Report
  • There are 7 parks in Pimmit Hills and the next Earth Clean-up Day is October 13, 2012 at 9am and the group will meet at Olney Park and work on both the parks and the streets in Pimmit Hills.

Resolution “Support for the Home for the Disabled” – Cindy Kwitchoff/Marie Davis
  • Connie Cordovilla proposed an alternative resolution to form 2 PHCA committees, 1 for saving the Barn and 1 to explore another location for the group home.
  • Both the resolution and the proposed alternative resolution were tabled until the December 2012 meeting.

Resolution “Resolution re-confirming the validity of the June 2012 PHCA officer election and the validity of the June 5th 2012 election of the officers for the 2012-2013 PHCA session” - Sarah Rock
  • The President called the question if the members would like to vote on the re-confirmation of the validity of the 2012-2013 board elections, the call was seconded, and the member’s voted to confirm the resolution.

Bylaw amendment proposal announcement – “Amending the voting criteria for PHCA members and definition of PHCA membership” - Sarah Rock
  • The proposal was seconded and will be discussed and voted on in the December 2012 meeting.

Bylaw proposed by Connie Cordovilla to clarify procedures to be taken when a vote on the PHCA board is contested.
  • This proposal was not presented in writing. The proposal was seconded, and will be discussed in the December 2012 meeting.

New business
  • A member noted that they had received an email from a resident in the community and when they tried to reply to unsubscribe, they received an error that the unsubscribe email was undeliverable. The President noted that they have no control over outside emails.
  • Cindy Kwitchoff resigned as Dispatch editor. The Association thanks Cindy for her service and dedication to the residents of Pimmit Hills since 1999.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30.
Submitted by Ashley Reynolds, Amended by Sarah Rock.


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