2018 Traffic Calming Overview

Mail in your traffic calming ballots by July 23, 2018!

Residents of Pimmit Drive (south) and several adjoining streets recently received a letter about community efforts to calm the traffic on Pimmit Drive. The proposal is similar to the one completed on portions of Pimmit Drive (north). The traffic calming letter includes a self-addressed stamped envelope with a ballot to return, which must be postmarked by July 23, 2018.

Where are the proposed speed humps?

  • 1930 Pimmit Dr and FCPA property

  • 2003 Pimmit Dr and 1944 Anderson Rd

  • 2023 and 2024 Pimmit Dr

  • 2103 and 2104 Pimmit Dr

  • 2133 and 2134 Pimmit Dr

Click here for a more detailed map view.



After questions from residents of Pimmit Hills were sent to FCDOT, it was learned by both Supervisor Foust's office and PHCA (on 7/3/2018) that another study was done by FCDOT in 2017. The traffic study was done on 9/13/2017 before recommendations were provided to PHCA for traffic calming measures. The results of this study were the following:

Total Volume 5,158
Northbound Average Speed 32 mph
Southbound Average Speed
 30 mph
Northbound 85th Percentile Speed  37 mph
Southbound 85th Percentile Speed  35 mph

Road Eligibility Criteria:
  • Local or Collector Road
  • 25 mph posted speed limit
  • Not primarily for commercial/industrial
  • Minimum 12 dwellings per thousand feet
Qualifications for acceptance into traffic calming program:
  • Local or Collector Road
  • Posted Speed Limit: 25 mph
  • Average speed of 30mph or 85th percentile speed of 35mph
  • Volume between 600-6000 vehicles a day.
FCDOT 2017 Traffic Calming Study Summary: 
FCDOT 2017 Traffic Calming Study Detail Reports:
Speed Hump Information

END UPDATE AS OF 07/03/2018

In 2014, VDOT conducted a thorough study measuring the volume and speed of traffic on Pimmit Drive (south). 


Total Volume 2254
Eastbound Average Speed  29 mph
Westbound Average Speed  29 mph
Eastbound 85th Percentile Speed  35 mph
Westbound 85th Percentile Speed  36 mph

Posted Speed Limit: 25 mph
Qualifications for acceptance into traffic calming program:
- Average speed of 30mph or 85th percentile speed of 35pmh
- Volume between 600-6000 vehicles a day. 

Won’t the speed humps hurt my car alignment?

They are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, while ensuring all drivers maintain appropriate speeds to make the neighborhood safer.

Why not install stop signs instead of speed humps?

As requested by numerous residents, FCDOT has conducted both a traffic study and an engineering review to determine that speed humps are the most appropriate calming measure. Following federal and state regulations, in order to maintain a healthy flow of traffic in our congested area, Fairfax County is limited to speed humps on Pimmit Drive as the most effective calming measure.

Why should I mail in my ballot?

We are all neighbors in this community. Whether you are in favor or opposed to the speed humps, mailing in the ballot will ensure your interests are represented by Fairfax County.

Who should I contact for additional questions?

Click here for more detailed information provided by Fairfax County on the traffic calming process. For specific questions, please contact PHCA’s Traffic Calming Committee at traffic@pimmithills.org.

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