PHCA Community Meeting

  • Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  • 7:30 PM
  • Pimmit Hills Center, 7510 Lisle Avenue, Pimmit Hills
Pimmit Hills Citizens Association community meeting. All homeowners and renters are invited to attend, get community updates, meet neighbors.

Bylaws Update & Draft Agenda

Dear Pimmit Hills Community,

We hope you will join us for the November 12 meeting of the Pimmit Hills Citizens Association.

During the meeting, we will discuss two important agenda items:

1. PHCA's budget for Fiscal Year 2013

2. The repeal of two by-law amendments passed by the association on February 5, 2013

Some background regarding the amendments:

Two members of our community recently pointed out that the proper procedures had not been followed when the amendments were passed. While we believe that the amendments were passed with the best of intentions, we have decided to set them aside out of respect for the by-laws governing our association. The version of the bylaws on the website will be returned to its pre-February 5, 2013 state prior to our next meeting.

When the PHCA meets on November 12, we will give an explanation of what happened and what we are doing to set things straight. We will also provide guidance on how members of the PHCA can propose and vote on amendments in the future. 

One of the amendments passed on February 5th had redefined membership and the collection of membership fees. Specifically, upon passage of the amendment, we created a single membership option for $20 and a double membership option for $40. This change resulted in several households being overcharged at $40 for double memberships, instead of the flat $20 for a household membership. We will contact each of these households in the near future and give them the option to either be reimbursed or donate the excess funds to the PHCA.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and hope everyone will understand that these steps are being taken in the interest of fairness and good governance.


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