Griffith Road - 2017

Phase 2 of Traffic Calming in Pimmit Hills


July 8, 2017 update:  The traffic calming proposal passed with overwhelming support -- 85% approval.  Thanks to everyone who cast a ballot! 

At the end of May, residents of Griffith Road and several adjoining streets ("affected area") received a letter in the mail about community efforts to calm the traffic on Griffith Road.  The proposal is to install three speed humps on Griffith Road, like the ones that are already on Pimmit Road.  These are low and wide humps, the kind that you can drive over at 15 mph. You can park on them and plow them.  The letter came with a self-addressed and stamped ballot to return to the County by June 26, 2017.  

     The proposal is to add speed humps to Griffith Road at these locations:

    2047 Cherri Drive and Griffith Park

    1926 and 1927 Griffith Rd

    1862 and 1863 Griffith Rd

    • Fairfax County traffic studies show that Griffith Road gets a lot of traffic and cars are going way too fast.  Check out the griffith rd traffic study.pdf

    Proposed Traffic Calming Plan.docx  

                                                                              Letter to households in the affected area:


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